I’m a journalist, climate communicator, and sci-fi author excited to combine my years of experience in the fields of Creative Writing and Environmental Food Studies wherever I go. I'm a passionate storyteller who sees the power in telling stories through different mediums: recently I’ve been developing tabletop roleplaying games, journalistic deep-dives, photo series, lectures for other young creatives, and more.

I just left managing the social and content worlds of the Million Gardens Movement, a nonprofit of garden activists, to pursue game design and freelance press opportunities at the same time. I’ve had a blast as a press consultant to projects and small business during the pandemic while freelancing articles in The Guardian, WIRED, Rolling Stone and more: I’d love to expand my network in both of these fields, so please reach out for commissions or deeper conversations!

Twenty-three years old, and a pandemic college graduate, I'm excited to see more of the world and discover my new home of Chicago. I can’t wait to share some of the devilish, meditative, and timely games I’m creating in the meanwhile. As a new Chicagoan,  I’m also always looking to meet neighbors in the city and online, so be in touch—I’m a sucker for a cookbook swap if you’re down, and I have so many more projects planned.

Anyone is welcome to contact me on Instagram, Twitter, or through email (pearse [AT] pearseanderson [DOT] com) for any questions, proposals, or just to talk. I am looking to pursue a career in food writing, adding interdisciplinary elements from all of my interests, from postcyberpunkism to dream culture to postindustrial urbanism. If you are trying to find what I look like, let me describe: if Franz Kafka turned into a mouse and then back into a human, that would be me. Here’s a photograph of me for reference, sporting a lapis lazuli bolo tie I made. Long days and pleasant nights, my friends.


Pearse Himself (taken by Paul Anderson)

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