My business card explains me in four words: “Writer, Photographer, Adventurer, Journalist.” In that order, I do think that’s who I am. Currently, I am a press strategist for the Gen Z voter registration nonprofit Bigtent Creative. I'm also diving into freelance journalism, recently writing for publications like The Guardian, Rolling Stone, and The Verge.  Born and raised in Ithaca, NY on the edge of suburbia and rural life, I have a strange understanding of the environment. I was heavily involved in the Ithacan outdoor education community, mostly through my work as lead instructor at the day camp Primitive Pursuits, and now I've rocketed into the Sunrise Movement, a youth-led climate activist organization.

Originally, I entered the world of writing so that I could jump over to game design postcollege. I later entered photography to document the many explorations and journeys I went on. Both of these activities have ballooned into careers. I am now a fine art and event photographer, specializing in social justice movements, portraits, travel,  and environmental or surrealist organic portraiture. I write fiction, nonfiction, and some poetry, though I concentrate in cli-fi, Weird fiction, modern gothic, food writing, and in-depth reportage. More details can be found in the Nonfiction, Fiction, and Photography Info sections of this website.

Twenty-two years old, I am ready to head out into the world and learn as much as I can. My freshman summer I completed an internship with Blue Hill at Stone Barns where I worked with the entire staff on amazing research and media projects, and later I interned with the publishing company Tin House Books, where I helped out at their summer writing workshop and any publicity/marketing needs. More recently, I spent four months in Mongolia studying environmental policy and cheesemaking. I have lived in Manhattan, Portland, Ulaanbaatar, and spent many weeks on strange adventures in Mammoth Caves, Quartzsite, the former peppermint capital of the world, and long-distance trains across both Mongolia and the United States. I have so many more projects planned. Anyone is welcome to contact me on Instagram, Twitter, or through email (pearse [AT] pearseanderson [DOT] com) for any questions, proposals, or just to talk. I am looking to pursue a career in food writing, adding interdisciplinary elements from all of my interests, from postcyberpunkism to dream culture to deindustrialized communities. If you are trying to find what I look like, let me describe: if Franz Kafka turned into a mouse and then back into a human, that would be me. Here’s a photograph of me for reference, sporting a lapis lazuli bolo tie I made. Long days and pleasant nights, my friends.


Pearse Himself (taken by Paul Anderson)

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