Biography - Pearse Anderson

My business card explains me in four words: “Writer, Photographer, Adventurer, Journalist.” In that order, I do think that’s who I am. Currently, I am a junior at Oberlin College of Art and Sciences, where I am an Environmental Food Studies major studying under Professor Tom Newlin. I also have a double major in Creative Writing with DeSales Harrison (previously Dan Chaon) as an advisor. Born and raised in Ithaca, NY on the edge of suburbia and rural life, I have a strange understanding of the environment. I was heavily involved in the Ithacan survivalist community, mostly through my work as lead instructor at the day camp Primitive Pursuits.

Originally, I entered the world of writing so that I could jump over to game design postcollege. I later entered photography to document the many explorations and journeys I went on. Both of these activities have ballooned into careers. I am now a fine art and event photographer, specializing in Americana, food, and surrealist organic portraiture. I write fiction, nonfiction, and some poetry, though I concentrate in New Weird, food writing, and curious reportage. More details can be found in the Nonfiction, Fiction, and Photography Info sections of this website.

Twenty years old, I am ready to head out into the world and learn as much as I can. Last year I completed a  internship with Blue Hill at Stone Barns where I worked with the entire staff on amazing research and media projects. Now I am at the gorgeous publishing company Tin House Books, where I am at helping out at their summer writing workshop and in any publicity/marketing needs. Anyone is welcome to contact me on Instagram, Facebook, or through email (pearse [AT] pearseanderson [DOT] com) for any questions, proposals, or just to talk. I am looking to pursue a career in food writing, adding interdisciplinary elements from all of my interests, from postcyberpunkism to dream culture to abandoned factories. If you are trying to find what I look like, let me describe: if Franz Kafka turned into a mouse and then back into a human, that would be me. Here’s a photograph from a ruined observatory for clarity.

Long days and pleasant nights, my friends.


Pearse Himself (taken by Paul Anderson)

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