Fiction - Pearse Anderson

List of notable published work:

"Here Is a Field of an Unknown Grain" was published in The Tattler in June 2016.

A excerpt from my Violet Edges world  was published in the first issue of the We Are Neon zine in 2015.

"Urban Decay" was published in Jellyfish Review's special "Intergalactic Planetary" issue in August 2017 (Weird Sephora horror).

"The Raise" was published in OCCULUM in September 2017 (partially computer generated poem).

"The Bayonet" was published in Montana Mouthful  in February 2018 (chain gang flash).

"Leaving the Tall Society" was selected as the issue's best fiction in the Laurel Review's Fearsome Critters Volume 1 (tunneling Bildungsroman). You can read it online here.

"Cabaret Dada" was published in Litro Magazine's  #FlashFriday (flash Abramovicy romance) 


"The Big Tommies and Their Cuts" in Dark Lane Anthology Volume 7 (slimy dark fantasy) 

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