Past photography jobs:


Several of my environmental photographs were published in Midwestern Gothic.

One of my protest photographs from my time as a press liaison for Oberlin Students for UAW Solidarity was used as the cover photography in the March 6th issue of The Oberlin Review. It can be viewed here.

Another of my UAW protest photographs was selected to accompany's reporting on Oberlin's pro-labor movement. This photo was later also selected for publication in Jacobin, a socialist quarterly magazine, as well as UAW's official magazine, Solidarity


My Mongolian travel photography was submitted to the World Nomads Travel Photography Scholarship, where it focused on globalization in Mongolia. The photos can be viewed here

My photograph "Shelter in Religious Hotel" was selected for publication in the inaugural issue of Dirty Girls Magazine,  a new, underground magazine.

My photography "Jesus Folded Over" was selected for publication in the February issue of Stone Canoe, a Syracuse-based literary magazine.

My photograph "Miriam Walks Home" was published in The Penn Review,  the oldest continuously published literary magazine at the University of Pennsylvania.


Two of my adventure photographs, one from Ireland and the other Weedsport, NY, were published in the spring issue of Hot Metal Bridge, the literary magazine from University of Pittsburgh M.F.A. students.

My Irish and Californian nature photography was published in the April 2018 issue of The Tishman Review.

I was selected by ANGLES Magazine as their featured artist for issue three of their lit mag. I was interviewed and a number of photos were selected for accompany stories throughout the upcoming issue.

My photograph "Memento Diner, Brownsville, PA." was chosen as the cover of Memoryhouse's "Mute" issue, with my photo "Sole Resident" being found inside the issue as well.

One of my photographs of Nora was chosen for publication in Broke Bohemian's April issue.

A photograph from my time in New York City was selected by Blink-Ink as one of their photographs for their "Curbside" issue

My photograph "Century Dresses in Flea County, NY." was chosen for publication in Barnstorm Journal in March, as was another Upstate NY landscape piece for a fall issue of Barnstorm.

Two of my photographs, "Ithaca Gun" and "Prime Observer" were published in the March issue of the magazine After the Pause.

Another two photographs, "Thank you . . . The Management" and "Water on the Roosevelt," were published in the inaugural issue of Juke Joint Magazine.


My photograph "Cryptids of the College Arboretum" was the cover of the 21st issue of Bop Dead City Review.

I began photographing for Bon Appétit Management Company, a large food-service company supplying corporate and college campuses. I also became a student representative on their Oberlin College board.

Certainly a different tone, a couple came to me proposing a nude photoshoot. After planning, communication, and a comfortable shoot I was able to create a set of fine art nudes they enjoyed.

The summer of 2017 I was a photographer and videographer for one of the best restaurants in the world, shooting in the kitchen with chefs as they worked. I storyboarded videos, interviewed staff, and threw myself into the world of fine dining.

Two of my environmental portraits—one titled RELEASE (weakening) and the other Search Party (landing)—were published in Bad Pony Magazine. They can be found here.


I photographed Ithaca High School's junior prom at the Johnson Museum.

I photographed my first wedding, at the Foundation of Light in Tompkins County.

My daily Instagram project came to a close, but I still used it frequently at @pearseanderson.

I journeyed to a Renaissance festival for a photography project, wandering into a Model-T show as well. Later that month I photographed Madison Bouckville's weeklong antique fair.

I took on several headshot projects, both theater, graduation, and sports purposes.

In  The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards of 2016, I won a Gold Key in photography for “Erie St., Upstate NY” (see photo below) and the Silver Key in photography for “I’m Starting To See Things," as well as a n honorable mention in photography for “Sixteen Years That Night." 

I was hired by  the Oberlin Office of Communications as an event photographer and videographer, where I currently work.

I became a staff photographer for The Oberlin Review, where I shoot on assignment for the weekly publication. My most famous photograph is a front-page shot of the Oberlin discotheque as the 2016 election ended. You can view it here.


During the 2015-2016 school year, I planned, shot, edited, and released many videos: some news, some documentary, and some fictional. I was in front of the camera for a period, as the school news anchor.

I photographed an Irish birthday celebration.


I began using Instagram through @pearseanderson, posting every morning. I would not stop posting every morning for nearly 600 days.

I started my two years working for the monthly Ithaca High School's Tattler, where I photographed newsworthy stories.

I also started my two years of working with Ithaca High School's yearbook, first on the centennial edition and then on the 101st. I both photographed events and students, edited sections of the publication, managed the wealth of pictures, and wrote captions/stories for the yearbook.

A Bon Appétit portrait

Untitled photo

Altangerel on Horseback, Bayankhongor Aimag, Mongolia

Untitled photo
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