Nonfiction - Pearse Anderson

List of notable awards and published work:

My journalism has been published in countless issues of Ithaca High School's Tattler from 2014-2016, during which time I was an editor of the Arts section and, later, News. My 2015-2016 articles can be found here, and my older works, many investigative, can be found in archived PDFs of Tattler issues.

I received an honorable mention in journalism in The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards of 2016 for my food writing “Fiery Foods and the Srirachaization of Flavor."

I wrote the piece "Food Rescue Laws Elsewhere, and More Awareness of U.S. Good Samaritan Law, May Inspire Change" for the Good Food Exchange newsletter in early 2016. It can be found here.

In my last two years of high school, I worked with the Digital Media Program of Ithaca High School, working as a host of the morning show, scriptwriter, and documentarian. Two of my documentaries can be found here and here.

I was a member of the Quill & Scroll International Honor Society for High School Journalists during my time at Ithaca High School.

I interviewed award-winning weird author David Leo Rice for Weird Fiction Review over tacos during the summer of 2017. My interview, photographs, and edited excerpts of Rice's work can be found here.

My review of Kelly Barnhill's short story collection "Dreadful Young Ladies and Other Stories" published in Strange Horizons magazine in fall of 2018 can be found here

Diner Food

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